About Music For the Mind CK

The Music for the Mind fundraiser was founded in 2019 to help raise money for the Inpatient Mental Health Unit at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance as a way to address a need on the Unit.

During Elisha’s own 50 day stay as a patient on the Unit, she learned that the staff would take turns paying for supplies like daily hygiene products, clothing, and activity books for the patients in need out of their own pockets. A few months after she was discharged, she came up with and started the Music for the Mind fundraiser.

Over the course of two years, $91,765 was raised and thousands of dollars worth of supplies were donated to the Unit. This year, due to circumstances outside of the founder’s control, the Music for the Mind fundraiser had to pivot its focus and its purpose.

While Music for the Mind had to change its purpose, it maintained its focus of raising money for mental health initiatives that help people in our community who are struggling while also helping to raise mental health awareness.

As it moves forward, Music for the Mind will be raising money in support of Family Service Kent (FSK) who provides residents of Chatham-Kent with a range of counselling services, as well as the KIDS Team Program, who provides children and youth in need with access to psychological assessments. 

We are also supporting Chatham-Kent Victims Services. A portion of proceeds will go to them to help fund the purchase of weighted blankets (which help with anxiety) and gift cards for the purchase of food and/or daily hygene products.